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This Is You Always Commit

Post by Coffee Games Date: July 17, 2017

Well hey there everyone! Well here we are almost a year later and I figured it would be time for a little update admind the long (very long) gestation time. The title of Fruit Boy has now been changed to Catch The Fruit and I now realize how horrible I am at Pixel Art (big surprise). The game itself however, is coming together and it’s nice to see some progress and relay that information to everyone else! So, in the spirit of tripping over myself time and time again it’s now time to give an update and why you should always commit..all the time.

So, after getting some of the pixel art loaded into the game I figured it was finally time to give a crack and loading some audio in. The overall idea was simple, everytime the player and the ball collided a simple bleep would play indictating collision. When loading in the audio I figured it would be a relatively simple task given that I actually have done before in another time…but oh no. Loading up a local copy of the game it seemed the collision was off and the user would disappear when the ball collided with the user. Well, that is an issue so I figured I would load in an earlier commit on my git repo and that would be no problem.

As it turns out my git commits where rather spread apart. By about a month. Now a lot can happen in a month, but I decided (foolishly) to drop to the most recent one and it turns out that a lof of my game logic was reverted back and that was an issue. Also, some of my pixel art was reverted back as well. So, I decided that that wouldn’t be a problem since my live version is up to date so I would just pull down a copy from that. However when I tried to log in to my digital ocean server I just realized that my keyphrase for my SSH was changed as well and this caused an issue. So now I’m stuck in something of a dilema and will most likely have to a.) re-program the logic that was reverted back or b.) figure out how to pull down the copy from my server (this is definitely more presing). So, this is why, ladies and gentlemen you commit, and you commit often.

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This is why you always commit